Participate in the district level elections, it's your civic duty - Jaman South NCCE

Mr. Emmanuel Oduro, the Jaman South Municipal Director of the NCCE in the Bono region has called on residents in the Jaman South Municipality to exercise their civic responsibility by participating and voting in the upcoming District Level Elections (DLE) scheduled for December 19.

According to him, there have been several reports indicating low voter turnouts in District Level Elections over the years and to help address this, the Commission has embarked on a series of public awareness campaigns to encourage citizen participation in the upcoming elections.

Mr. Oduro encouraged the citizenry to exercise their democratic rights by voting and playing an active role in shaping local governance.

He further urged them to resist any inducements in exercising their constitutional duties to elect responsible and credible leaders in their various communities who can champion development.

He was optimistic that the public awareness programme within the municipality would result in a higher voter turnout and encourage citizen’s involvement in local governance.

The team as part of the campaign took the public through the Dos and Don’ts of the elections as well as the processes in casting their ballot.

Source: modernghana


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