The National Commission for Civic Education, created by Chapter 19 of the 1992 Constitution and established by Act 452 of 1993, is enjoined by Section 20 to annually submit to Parliament a report indicating the activities and operations of the Commission in respect of the preceding year. The Commission had within the last eleven years, faithfully presented its report to Parliament in accordance with Section 20 of Act 452. The Annual Reports indicate the extent to which the Commission has carried out its mandate as spelt out in Section 2 of Act 452. No other publication chronicles the history of the Commission and provides a ready source of information on the operations than the annual reports.

Given the importance of the reports, the Commission deemed it necessary to put together the reports in a format that would make them readily accessible to the general public and also ensure that they are preserved for reference and future research in years to come. Collating, compiling and binding of the annual reports into one single book is thus, in a way, kills two birds with one stone as it would be a way of informing the public about the work of the Commission over the years and using the necessary preservation techniques to enhance the life span of the reports.