NCCE Wishes Muslims A Gracious Eid-UL ADHA

Religious celebration are great feasts that strengthen the bonds of adherers. It is in line with this fact, that the NCCE celebrates with our Muslim brothers and sisters the world over on this blissful Eid-ul-Adha feast.

This festival of sacrifice, which commemorates Ibrahim’s symbolic obedience to do Allah’s will by sacrificing his son, Ismail demonstrates the depth of his fidelity and loyalty to live Allah’s command. In celebrating this important festival, the NCCE reminds the entire Muslim community of the vital call to stay united and in perpetual fidelity to God and country, so that together we build this beautiful nation.
It is a fact that living the grace in these times and still being determined to follow the dictates of the prophet Ibrahim and our founding fathers is not a small task. However, with each sunshine and the gift of life, we are being challenged to not just celebrate our faith but to animate it in every endeavour as we strive to be exemplary in our religious, personal and public lives.
Since Eid-ul-Adha transcends every dimension of life, NCCE urges the Muslim community to exhibit the great temperance of tolerance, devotion, and be peace loving so that we all forge ahead to build national cohesion to preserve Ghana’s stability.
Having witnessed a sharp rise in our COVID-19 case count in the past few days, at a time the Delta variant is making waves, the NCCE encourages our dear brothers and sisters to strictly adhere to all safety protocols. The temptation to lower our guards around this time is high. The Commission passionately appeals to all Muslims to be safe by masking up, ensuring physical distancing and washing of hands regularly with soap under running water among others especially during this festive period.
The NCCE once again, wishes all Muslims a peaceful and a blissful Eid-Mubarak and prays Allah blesses you all with favour.
Happy Eid.

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