NCCE takes COVID-19 Awareness creation to School

With the current upsurge in COVID-19 cases in the country, the NCCE has intensified its sensitisation of the public and pupils on the Safety protocols in the various schools throughout the country.

The Korle-Klottey Office of the NCCE engaged pupils and teachers of the Khairiyah Islamic School in Accra, urging them to adhere to the safety protocols.

Mr. Kwesi Boateng who sensitised the pupils explained that the virus is real and it kills, urging the pupils to practice the prescribed protocols in order to stay safe and avoid contracting the disease.

On the wearing of facemask, he advised them not to share used facemasks with their school mates, since it was a bad practice. He appealed to the pupils who are of age to always guide, check and help the young ones observe the safety protocols.

Mr. Boateng counseled them to practice personal hygiene and eat immune-boosting foods such as fruits and vegetables. He again entreated them to drink a lot of water and have enough rest. While awaiting the vaccine, he said the best approach is to stick to all the prescribed protocols and measures put in place by the government. By so doing citizens could collectively help curb the spread of COVID-19.

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