The Builsa North Municipal Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Upper East Region has engaged students of FISTRAD Vocational Training Institute on violent extremism and the COVID-19 safety protocols. The engagement was purposely to educate the students on some causes and effects of violent extremisms and the COVID-19 pandemic particularly the new Delta Variant.

Speaking at the engagement, the Municipal Director, Mr. Jeffrey Adda made students understand that terrorism and violent extremism remain an increasingly high threat to Ghana’s national democracy and national development. “There is a growing global consensus on the fact that military operations and security measures alone are not enough to defeat terrorism”, he said. “In order to fully and efficiently respond to the challenges and threats that terrorism and violent extremism pose to nations, regions and communities today, greater emphasis should be put on prevention through reinforcing structural changes, community engagement and building of resilience as well as public education on the menace”, he added.

Mr. Adda described the ways in which terrorists and violent groups are recruiting the youth especially the unemployed youth to join them; “Terrorists and violent extremist groups tend to largely take root in marginalized areas, using local grievances to recruit young citizens in vulnerable life situations, suffering for instance from varying degrees of unemployment, low education and literacy levels. It is necessary to enhance effective governance addressing aggravating factors and underlying conditions that may create grievances and may lead individuals to join violent extremist groups”.

The Municipal Director also used the opportunity to engage the pupils on COVID-19, the new variant and other related issues. Speaking with the pupils, he made them understand that there was a new strain of COVID-19 known as the Delta Variant, its signs and symptoms as well as the rate at which it was infecting people.

The students were encouraged to take part in the vaccination exercise when it was made available to them. Mr. Adda urged them not to believe negative stories about the vaccine and explained that the vaccine is very important because it helps the immune system to fight the virus when infected. Students were also advised to take the safety protocols seriously and to wear their face mask in public, wash their hands with soap under running water for 30 seconds, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser frequently and to continue to observe the social distancing protocol.

Finally, Mr. Adda urged everyone to be vigilante by looking out for suspicious characters in their communities, market centers and especially at worship centers and to report them to the law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Adda Jeffrey (Municipal Director, NCCE) educating FISTRAD Vocational Institute Students on Violent Extremism and Fighting it together

Mr. Adda Jeffrey (Municipal Director, NCCE) educating FISTRAD Vocational Institute Students on Violent Extremism and Fighting it together

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