The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) on 9th May, 2023, engaged the Ghana Prison Service (GPS) as part of its activities to commemorate thirty years of constitutional rule in the history of Ghana, under the theme, “Thirty Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy: Building National Cohesion through Civic Education and Participation in Local Governance”.

The engagement took place at the Prison’s headquarters at Cantonments, Accra. The acting Commanding Officer DDP Nathaniel Onyinah-Agyemang welcomed the officers and guests and admonished the officers to be open-minded to the education and feel free to come up with their suggestions and questions after the presentation by the Commission.

Mrs. Lucille Hewlett Annan (Esq.) (Acting Commission Secretary) added that the Annual Constitution Week is celebrated with identifiable groups in the District, Municipal, and Metropolitan areas in the country. She intimated that this engagement is to aid the Commission to get feedback from the Security Services and their views concerning the calls for reforms of the 1992 Constitution as well as their appreciation of the thirty years of uninterrupted constitutional democracy.

Mr. Victor Brobbey (Esq); the Deputy Chairman in charge of Finance and Administration at the NCCE presented on the mandate of the Commission, its nationwide presence, thematic areas, activities carried out by the Commission, the roadmap of our democracy, various committees and previous Constitutions and how long they lasted. He highlighted some rights and responsibilities of Ghanaians as stipulated in the 1992 Constitution.

He commended the Security Services for their role in the four successful democratic turnovers and described the nation’s democracy as an entrenched one. “The Constitution is more than words; it is a document that has its words but also has its spirit, in the view of political science. It is more like the bible. The Constitution represents our aspirations as a nation and where we desire to get to. It is the supreme law of the country he intimated.

Participants were reminded of the upcoming District Level Elections (DLE) and encouraged to actively participate and vote for their Assembly and Unit Committee Members. Again, the officers and men were urged to help in our efforts to Prevent and Contain Violent Extremism in Ghana.

The NCCE and the GPS are looking forward to a collaboration to engage recruits of the Ghana Prisons Service as well as citizens on their rights, freedoms, and obligations.

In attendance were Mr. Victor Brobbey (Esq); Deputy Chairman of Finance and Administration, Mrs. Lucille Hewlett (Esq.); Acting Commission Secretary, Mrs. Joyce Afutu, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs and Imurana Mohammed (Ph.D.) Director of Programmes all of NCCE.


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