In collaboration with the African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET), the NCCE organised a Citizens’ Engagement from 19th – 21st March 2024 at the Sky Plus Hotel, Ho in the Volta Region. This engagement is part of the activities to create a social contract between Ghana’s leaders and its citizens for Ghana’s Political and Economic Transformation. The social contract “Compact for Ghana’s Political and Economic Transformation” aims to address the fundamental problems underlying the country’s economic development challenges.

The first day’s engagement focused on Private Sector Development and had participants drawn from various private business sectors, groups, and associations, such as Garage Operators, Artisans, Transport Unions, Agro Businesses, Shop Owners, Market Women, etc. from Ho, Adaklu, Ho West, Agortime Ziope, South Dayi and Afadzato South Districts.

The second day of the citizen’s engagement focused on the youth for their perspective on the challenges confronting the youth and recommendations on issues of Education, Skills, and Employment.

Participants were drawn from various youth groups, institutions, and vulnerable groups such as the visually impaired, the deaf, and the dumb, and sign language interpreters were not left out. Others were drawn from the adjoining districts – Adaklu, Kpetoe, Kpeve, Ho West, and Afadzato South.

The third day of the engagement sought to raise awareness at the grassroots to generate the conversation to understand how these issues affect citizens and solicit their recommendations as inputs into the Compact for the Social Contact between Ghana’s leaders and the citizenry.

The engagement focused on issues of Health, Planning, and Climate Change. Participants cut across different sectors of the economy and were drawn from seven (7) districts in the Region. The issues of healthcare were carefully linked with national planning and climate change. Participants discussed how to achieve a consensus on how the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) can formulate and implement a long-term development framework and vision for Ghana’s development.

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