​Members of the Rotary Club, Ring Road Central in Accra have received Civic Education lessons from the NCCE

Members of the Rotary Club, Ring Road Central in Accra have received Civic Education lessons from the NCCE. The Chairperson of NCCE, Ms. Kathleen Addy was given an invitation as a special guest to engage members on their civic rights and responsibilities.

Addressing Club members, Ms. Kathleen Addy, a Rotarian herself, spoke on the topic: 'Is Protest a Civic Right or Not?

Rotarian Kathleen Addy in her submission, recounted some of the activities of protestors back in the day (pre-independence era) and illustrated how it is important for citizens to express themselves through demonstrations/protests.

Rotarian Addy said citizens have the right to express themselves through protest because the 1992 Constitution of Ghana guarantees citizens' freedom to assemble which includes freedom to take part in processions and demonstrations. She described this as a civic right that cannot be taken away from any citizen of Ghana. She was however quick to caution that in our attempt to exercise our Civic Rights, we the citizens of Ghana should equally be mindful of the laws, rules, and regulations that accompany the right to freely protest and assemble.

She later took the members through Article 41(a-k) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana which outlines the duties of citizens and explained the stated duties and their connection to national growth, national cohesion, nationalism, civic responsibility, and love for the country among other civic values.

Kathleen Addy Rotary International Distrito 4465 Rotary Club of Accra Dansoman Rotary Club of Accra - La East Rotary Club of Tarkwa Rotary Mansfield.


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