By Agbaxode Emmanuel, GNA

Nugblebi (V/R), Oct. 7, GNA – The Akatsi South District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Reverend Vincent Adzika, has said one of the greatest responsibility as citizens of Ghana is to keep our environment clean.

Rev. Adzika said this during a sensitisation encounter on accountability and environmental governance with residents of Nugblebi, a community within the Akatsi South District of the Volta Region.

The workshop forms part of the NCCE’s sensitisation on the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP) as well as the Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme (ARAP), with funding from the European Union.

Rev. Adzika told the participants to ensure environmental cleanliness since that led to Godliness.

“One of our greatest responsibilities as citizens of Ghana is to keep our environment clean and take good care of what God has given us willingly,” he said.

Mr. Michael Tormeti, District Director, Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), encouraged the participants to discontinue being spectators and become citizens.

“Keeping quiet and watching corruption to flourish is an indication that we are supporters of corrupt activities and an enemy of the state”.

He added that citizens owe a duty to mother Ghana to blow the whistle on corrupt public officials.

Mr. Jordan Djikunu, a retired District Director of the NCCE, admonished the community members with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, stating “You must be the first example of the change you expect in your society”.

He added that we should become the change that society expected from us towards striving for accountability and good governance.

The objective of ARAP was to promote good governance in Ghana by reducing corruption and improving accountability and compliance with the rule of law.


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