Let’s groom Nation Builders-NCCE

The NCCE’s Office, Oyibi in the Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly has observed this year’s Annual Citizenship Week under the theme: “Sustaining Our Democracy, Ghanaian Values in Practice: The role of the Child”.

During the week-long celebration, officers from the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), and Dodowa Fire Station, were invited to engage pupils of M’salem Complex School, Mensah Bar, and Kpone Bawaleshi on the theme for the celebration. The team of officers from the GNFS was led by Sub. Officer (SUB/O) Francis Amoah.

In a presentation, SUB/O Francis Amoah encouraged the pupils to be hard working at school as well as strive for excellence in their endeavors. He also educated them on positive Ghanaian values and principles of good citizenship. As a good citizen you must ‘be trustworthy, be patriotic, be a nation builder, be responsible and be a child with integrity’ he reiterated.

Sub. Officer Amoah admonished the pupils to respect national symbols such as the national flag, the Coat of Arms, and currencies with special emphasis on the national currency, the Ghana Cedi. He, therefore, called on every Ghanaian to treat the Ghana Cedi notes and coins with utmost care.

Sub. Officer Amoah asked the pupils to eschew indiscipline in their private and public lives and use decent language in their interactions and respect the views of others.

SUB/O Amoah also touched on good environmental practices and called on the pupils to keep their surroundings clean. He made reference to Article 41 (k) of the 1992 Constitution which entreats citizens to protect and safeguard the environment.


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