NCCE Bawku Municipal office has stepped up education on District Level Elections

The National Commission for Civic Education-Bawku Municipal office has stormed churches and other target groups (fish mongers, gardeners, pedestrians, etc) within the Municipality to intensify civic education on the upcoming District Level Elections.

The sudden turn of events is influenced by the whipping interest to ensure a massive voter turnout. Per previous statistics, voter turnout for District Level Elections has not been encouraging, and as such the Commission wishes to change the story this year.

During sensitisation, the Municipal Director of NCCE-Bawku Daniel Baya Laar encouraged electorates to go out in their numbers on the day of elections and cast their votes. He explained to electorates that every vote counts and a single vote can make and unmake a candidate.

According to him, an election is a measure put in place to ensure that everyone's voice is heard during the selection of a leader, and as such everyone should participate in the process. He further explains that, candidates who will emerge as winners will be the representatives of their respective areas for the next four years. As such, all eligible voters should take an active part in the selection process, he reiterated.

Mr. Laar emphasised that voting during elections is a constitutional right as well as a civic responsibility. Every eligible voter according to him is expected per the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana to cast their vote during elections. "For the development of your communities, go out and vote for the right candidates", he said.

Assistant Civic Education Officer, Munira Yussif during sensitisation said to electorates, "You are the change you seek so let your voices be heard by going out on Tuesday 19th December to cast your vote". She encouraged electorates to vote massively for female candidates to enhance women's leadership and gender equality.

The Bawku Municipal office of the NCCE in a quest to improve voter turn out has also made visits before this date to market centres, youth bases, schools, mosques, communities, community information centres, and lorry stations and has also made street announcements as well as played jingles on the District Level Elections.

Daniel Baya Laar (MD) sensitising pedestrians on the Zabugu-Asikire Road on DLEs

Daniel Baya Laar(MD) sensitising Living Waters Church congregation(Kuka) on DLEs

Daniel Baya Laar (MD) sensitising fish mongers at the Zuli dam on DLEs

Munira Yussif (ACEO) sensitising Christ Ministry Church congregation(Kpalwega) on DLEs

Daniel Baya Laar(MD) at Asikire Community Information Centre sensitising residents on DLEs


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