Tano North: Live in peace and harmony with one another – NCCE director to Islamic SHS Students

Tano North Municipal Directorate of National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) as part of its education on National Cohesion and Peaceful Coexistence visited Islamic Junior High School in Duayaw Nkwanta on the 17th of March 2023.

The Municipal Director, Mr. Joseph Oduro-Buabeng who addressed the students urged them to live in peace and harmony with one another in their communities irrespective of their religious affiliation. He said they should not take the laws into their house and that anytime something bad happens in their communities they should inform the police or any other security agency for redress.

his education was carried out to empower them to contribute to ensuring that our communities are safe from miscreants and hoodlums who can endanger our lives.

The teachers and the students participated by asking questions to make the program a successful one.

The program started at 9:30 am and ended at 10:45 am


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