Political parties pledge to protect peace, stability

Political Parties and stakeholders in Ekumfi Constituency in the Central Region, have pledged to ensure peace, stability and cohesion in the area.

They promised to maintain unity, harmony and inclusiveness towards the fight against youth extremism and violence.

The parties stressed on the need to work vigorously to engender national cohesion and inclusiveness among the citizenry for progress, growth and development of the country.

The parties pledged at the Inter-Party Dialogue Committee (IPDC) meeting, organised by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in collaboration with the Ministry of National Security at Ekumfi Essarkyir was on the theme: ‘Empowering Ghanaians to stand for National Cohesion and Participation-Youth Extremism’
aimed at sensitising and educating members of IPDC.

Alhaji Aliu Mohammed, Deputy Central Regional Director of NCCE, said peace was priceless,essentialand everybody must firmly embrace it adding that “we must remember we have only one Ekumfi and it is only when there is peace, unity and cohesion that we can go about our daily work without hindrance and also forge ahead as one people”.

“The commission, together with the Ministry of National Security, will continue to engage the citizenry to contribute their quota to protect democratic governance, we need
to be security conscious to nib criminal activities in the bud, law-abiding and respect the 1992 Constitution for continuous peace, harmony, inclusiveness and cohesion,” he cautioned.

Cecilia Dam, Director of NCCE, Ekumfi, indicated that violent extremism did not just emerge but emotional and political disaffection of the youth were recipes for violence and extremism and encouraged conversation among them on the importance of peace, harmony, inclusiveness and cohesion to foster unity, progress and growth.

Chief Inspector Jonathan Amoadu, Ekumfi District Police Commander, who spoke on ‘Police Order Act-The Effect of Youth Extremism and Criminal Laws’, called On citizens to strictly adhere to laws of the country because the police were there to protect lives, properties, and ready to receive information about suspected criminals or activities which could disturb stability and security.

Nana Bambil Ansah V, Chairman of Ekumfi IPDC, said party politics should not divide the people in the area and appealed to them to live in peace and harmony to speed up progress, growthand development. -GNA

Source: ghanaiantimes (https://www.ghanaiantimes.com.gh/political-parties...)

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