The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) ONSBA, in collaboration with Accra Grammar School at Oyibi, embarked on an excursion to the Dodowa Fire Station and the Dodowa Police Station.

The first stop was the Dodowa Fire Service Station. Station Officer II, Mr. Justice Ankrah took the team through their processes and routines at the Appliance Bay and the various equipment they use. We were taken to the Watch /Control Desks which is manned 24/7. The Watch Desk is where a Fire or Rescue call /request comes to. A simulation exercise was performed for students to have a feel of what is actually done in case there is a call for rescue or help during a fire outbreak. Some students volunteered to join in the simulation. All who partook in this exercise were dressed in the prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE), it was all fun but very educative. Mr Ankrah stressed how important it was to be in the appropriate PPE before you set off for a rescue.

The Divisional Officer I, Reverend Michael Hughes Lartey in charge of the Dodowa office gave the final remarks.

The same courtesy was accorded to the team when we arrived at the Police Station. Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP Job Ahenkorah, took the team through the various processes and functions/mandates of the Police Service to all citizens. He mentioned that the Police Service, by the Constitution of Ghana, is mandated to maintain law and order and also protect life and property. He took us to the Charge Office, the Criminal Investigative Department Office, and the barracks. He took his time to explain what was done at each place/section and took a few minutes for questions and answers. There were some inmates at the counter back.

The District Commander, Superintendent Nathan Yeboah thanked the team for the visit and encouraged more such visits from time to time.


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