The National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE has engaged the Ghana Police Service as part of its Annual Constitution Week Celebration. The engagement held at the Ghana Police Headquarters, Accra on the 14th of May sought to discuss matters pertaining to the 1992 Constitution and law enforcement.

The Week-long celebration is one of the flagship programmes of the Commission instituted to commemorate the country’s return to constitutional democratic rule after many years of military adventurism in governance. The topic of vigilantism was not left out as members of the police service gave suggestions on how to fight against the canker. The theme for this year’s engagement is “The Threat of Vigilantism to Our Democracy and Sovereignty: The Role of the Security Services”.

The Deputy Chairman, Finance, and Administration of the NCCE, Ms. Kathy Addy expressed gratitude to the Ghana Police Service for their collaboration and support. She stated that the fight against political vigilantism goes beyond pushing the blame on leaders of the major political parties and encouraged the Police to work hand in hand with civil societies to protect the interest of the police.

The Chairman of the NCCE, Ms. Josephine Nkrumah spearheaded the forum where members of the Police service expressed some grievances and problems they face in their line of duty. Questions that were posed to the NCCE were addressed accordingly. She made reference to the fact that the NCCE has already met with some stakeholders on political party vigilantism and lasting solutions are being made. “We have established a technical committee with the Police to address vigilantism and promote stability in the country,” Ms. Nkrumah said.

The Commissioner of Police (COP), Mr. Prosper Agblor thanked the NCCE for its commitment to sustaining Ghana’s democracy and pledged its total allegiance and support to the fight against political vigilantism. He also encouraged the police officers to visit the NCCE’s website and read the Commission’s report on stakeholders’ consultation on the threat of Vigilantism in the country.

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