With the seemingly nonadherence to the COVID-19 safety measures, the staff of the NCCE Head Office in Accra joined some Districts Office within the Greater Accra Region to engaged residents to not relax in observing the protocols.
The staff who went on the grounds engaged residents on the streets, in front of their houses, at some bus terminals, taxi ranks, as well as the market spaces on the need, still observe the preventive measures, urging them to eat a well-balanced diet to boost their immune system.
On the Spanner- Adentan stretch of the road, the team clad in NCCE T-Shirts and with the jingles being played in the background mounted on the branded Nissan Pick-up recently donated to the Commission by the COVID-19 National Trust Fund.
Among the various segments of the people engaged included hawkers, drivers, food vendors, passengers, residents as well as Kayayei’s and Market women at Shiashie, Adentan, Haatso, Madina Market, Madina Libya Quarters area.
Although some of those engaged got interested and granted the audience others cast aspersions and literally ignored the educators but the staff were unperturbed and continued.
The messages highlighted included proper wearing of facemasks, washing of hands with soap under running water, eschewing stigmatising people with COVID-19.

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