There have been concerns lately about the possible threat of violent extremism in the country; Ghana. These fears have arisen due to the happenings in neighbouring countries and to a large extent in the sub-region. Many have warned of the rippling effects extremist activities can have on us; the people of Ghana. In times like this, despite efforts by Government and its allied security agencies, it is important to alert the media on their role in preventing violent extremism and containing it, if it ever becomes a burden to our country.

Caution: The threat of extremists is not far from us and this must be the concern of all. The media is entreated to join forces with institutions like the National Commission for Civic Education to create and sustain public awareness on Preventing and Containing Violent Extremism in Ghana. A recent NCCE/EU media advocacy workshop organised in Tamale for over 70 media professionals selected from border regions sought to empower media professionals to make Ghana's security their business and use media platforms to create the right awareness on violent extremism.

Let's get involved in the PCVE national campaign. The fact is we must be concerned because reports say extremists have destabilised economic, social, and political lives in countries that have been hard hit by the existence of extremist groups.

Ghana has no space for violent extremists! Let’s prevent it!


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