Let's prioritise child protection issues-NCCE

The Oti Regional Office of the National Commission for Civic Education has engaged cooperative women's groups and Parent Teachers Associations in the region on Child Protection issues.

At one of the engagements at Banka Basic School, Oti Deputy Regional Director of NCCE, Mr. Gagakuma Setriakor, admonished parents to prioritise the welfare of their Children by showing interest in their day to day activities. Mr. Gagakuma said the basic rights of the Ghanaian child are non negotiable. According to him, the right to food, shelter, good health, education, and protection from child labour are duties placed on parents or guardians to fulfill.

He charged parents to provide for the needs of their children and not to deny them their basic rights as a form of punishment. "There isn't any reason for you as a parent or guardian to deny your ward of his/her right or neglect your duty as a parent or guardian" Mr. Gagakuma lamented.

The Head Master of Banka Basic School, Michael Ackoh said there are bye- laws in every community and parents must pay attention to such laws and rely on these laws to shape the behaviour of their wards.


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