The Ashanti Regional Directorate of the NCCE organized a programme on Garden City Radio and Television to educate the citizens on the need to honor their tax obligations to the state.

The Deputy Regional Directors of NCCE, Ashanti, Mr. Joseph Kwaku Yeboah, and Zangina Wilberforce spoke on tax education entreating all to pay their taxes. In their presentation, the NCCE officials cited Chapter 6, Article 41(j) of the 1992 Constitution which enjoins to declare their income honestly to the appropriate and lawful agencies and to satisfy their tax obligations. Payment of tax is a civic responsibility, they added.

Taxation according to the NCCE officials is the practice of collecting money from citizens based on their earning and properties. They explained that monies collected from taxation support the government and allow it to fund the operations of state institutions, developmental projects and other public services. Some of the taxes that are paid by the citizens according to the resource persons are:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Pay as you Earn
  • Tax stamp
  • Vehicle Income Tax
  • Rent Tax
  • Gift Tax etc.

The Deputy Regional Directors also dwelled on the importance of taxation for the development of any country in the world and entreated all and sundry to honor their tax obligations since taxes build great nations.

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