Fighting corruption, promoting environmental governance and rule of law is everyone’s business. The repercussions of corruption go a long way to affect citizens and societies hence the need for all to be interested in curbing corruption. These were the words of civic educators in Jaman South of the Brong Ahafo region during an ARAP sensitization in the Drobo district.

Atuoni Gyabaah, the Municipal Director of Jaman South, said, the public outreach by NCCE seeks to condemn and fight corruption in the country. He urged drivers and conductors to be transparent in their dealings with the public.

Mr Gyabaah, said bribery, fraud, tax evasion, absenteeism and kickbacks form acts of corruption. He gave a scenario where he witnessed a driver who tried to bribe a police officer with Gh¢1.00 and said that gesture was a clear case of corruption.

Mr. Atuoni Gyabaah said, corruption impedes people’s rights to justice. It breeds poverty as majority of the population are denied the opportunity to employment, education, health and food. He emphasized that corruption is a threat to national progress.

Mr. Gyabaah urged citizens to join the crusade to fight corruption for a better Ghana.

In a related development, the District Director of Akatsi North District, in the Volta region Madam Evelyn Klokpodzi, has educated congregants of Ave-Afiadenyigba Pentecost Church about corruption and its negative effects on Ghana’s economy

Madam Evelyn Klokpodzi, charged members of Ave-Afiadenyigba St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church to eschew acts of corruption in their communities and urged them to be responsible citizens by reporting corrupt officials to the appropriate authorities.

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