Akuapim South NCCE, EC organises school prefectorial elections

The Akuapim South Municipal National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and the Electoral Commission (EC) have organised elections for schools to elect their prefects to inculcate democratic values in young people.

The collaboration between the NCCE and EC is part of a broader effort to promote civic education and civic engagement among the youth in the Akuapim South Municipal Area.

These elections aim to provide students with practical experience in the democratic process and encourage young Ghanaians to take an active role in decision-making within their schools.

Mr. Alex Owusu Akyaw, Akuapim South Municipal NCCE Director, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that it was important to practicalize the election process for students at their basic level, saying that it would contribute to minimising future rejected and spoiled ballots and eliminating electoral offences.

“I advise you students to take the exercise very seriously and as a national assignment on your quest to become future leaders of this nation,” he said, adding that “catching them young… will promote the virtues of good citizenship.”

Mrs. Patience Abekwei, EC, Deputy Akuapem South Municipal Electoral Officer, oversaw the prefectorial elections and educated students on electoral rules and regulations, such as entering a procession and waiting for one’s turn.

She stated that voters were required to give their names so that election officials could verify or establish their identities using the voter registration list.

Voters are also required to have their fingertips marked with an indelible marker to indicate they have been approved to vote only once, after which they can cast secret ballots in voting booths.

Mr.William Nana Osei, Principal Field Officer at NCCE in the municipality, administered the oath of office to the elected school prefects, including sports and compound prefects.

Miss Liqueenda Yaa Addo and Master Vincent Kuffour were the respective Girls’ and Boys’ prefects for Aburi Presbyterian Junior High School “B” Miss Perpetual Odei and Nana Amoako were the Girls’ and Boys’ prefects, respectively, at Aburi PWCE Demonstration JHS.

Through these elections, the EC and NCCE hope to instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in the next generation of leaders, and by allowing students to participate in the democratic process, they are fostering a culture of active citizenship and civic participation from a young age.

The overall aim of the initiative is to encourage young people to contribute to the development of Ghana through non-violent means.

Source: GNA


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