The NCCE joins the World to mark the International Day of Democracy which highlights the need for all to protect and defend human rights.

The Day, declared by the UN General Assembly on September 15, 2007, provides an opportunity to reflect on the state of democracy in the world, and encourages Governments to strengthen national programmes aimed at promoting and consolidating democracy.

Whilst democracy is recognised as the most favourable module of governance around the world, it is not essentially all about elections. Democracy also involves adhering to the rule of law, fair adjudication of justice, as well as respecting the dignity and upholding the human rights, which ensures the realisation of the aspirations of the citizenry, especially the marginalised people in our society.

We celebrate the efforts of those who fought to ensure the establishment of democracies in countries around the world. The Commission notes with concern the re-emergence of coup d’états in West Africa and commends ECOWAS for its recent decision to suspend its member state, Guinea and demand the release of political prisoners.

The NCCE is also concerned about certain practices such as corruption, disregard for human rights, clamping down on press freedom and lessening the space for effective citizen participation which undermine democracy. These practices if left unchecked erode the dividends of democracy to citizens.

We at the Commission hold the conviction that the engagement of all stakeholders in the political and civic spaces, the recognition and inclusive participation of the youth, women and persons with disability in our governance systems, would strengthen our democratic stability.

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, was apt to have reminded world leaders and citizens to commit to a future in which we recognise human rights and the rule of law as fundamental to sustainable democracy.

On this day, as we reflect on our democratic journey under the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution, we re-echo the need for all stakeholders and the entire citizenry to act with one accord to strengthen and sustain Ghana’s democratic stability in the years ahead.

So, help us God! God bless our homeland Ghana.

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