The Bawku Municipal Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), as per the mandate of the Commission, has embarked on a public education campaign on peaceful co-existence and national integration.

Mr. Daniel Baya Laar, the Municipal Director, called on residents to live in peace with one another as peace is the bedrock for development. “Investors only invest where they know their resources are safe and free from danger”, he stated. “Bawku shares a border with Burkina Faso and Togo and if the people of Bawku are able to maintain the current peace in the municipality, then not only Ghanaians from other parts of the country will like to do business in Bawku but foreigners from neighbouring countries will do as well”.

Mr. Laar encouraged the youth of the municipality to be ambassadors of peace in every way possible. He cautioned the youth not to allow themselves to be used by any external or internal forces to perform malicious acts that will lead to the disruption of the peace in the municipality. “Bawku is the only home we have and so, therefore, its peace is far more important than any material gift taken to disrupt its peace. Let us all keep in mind that there is no place like home and so wherever we may run to hide, we will surely come back home”, he added.

Ms. Munira Yussif, a volunteer at the office, addressed students of Ahzariya J.H.S saying “it is the constitutional duty of every citizen of this country to live in harmony with one another”. She made reference to Article 41(c) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana which states that “it shall be the duty of every citizen to foster national unity and live in harmony with others”. Ms. Yussif explained to them that it is a crime to disobey the supreme laws of the country and they will be punished when caught. “I entreat you all to live in peace with your colleagues both in school and at home”, she concluded.

Assistant Civic Education Officer (ACEO) Mr. Carlven Avaba-ngaang Afelik encouraged butchers and food vendors to continue to adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols in order to protect themselves. He urged them to always wear their face masks in public, observe the social distancing protocol, wash their hands with soap under running water for 30 seconds and use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser frequently. Mr. Afelik stated that the symptoms of the virus keep changing “which makes it difficult sometimes to know if one has it, therefore in order to protect yourself and others from it, follow the safety protocols”.

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