The Central Regional office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has engaged students of Aggrey Memorial A.M.E Zion on good citizenship and national cohesion.

The Central Regional Director of the NCCE, Mr. Robert Ewur said the engagement sought to sensitize the youth, whom the future of the nation depended on, to issues of national importance as well as create awareness of the civic responsibilities of the citizenry. He mentioned that this was also to empower them to appreciate the dividends of democratic governance.

Speaking on the theme “Thirty Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy and Building National Cohesion: The Role of the Ghanaian Child”, Mr. Ewur reminded the students of their responsibilities as stipulated in Article 41 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. He advised the students to develop an interest in reading the 1992 Constitution in order to be well-informed about the provisions therein.

The Head Pastor of the Church of Pentecost Ebubonko Assembly; Rev. Ebenezer Ayivi Okoampah, in his delivery, admonished the students to respect the rights of others irrespective of their religious backgrounds, ethnic groups and different social statuses. He advised them to promote the good name of Ghana and respect the symbols of the country.

In attendance was the Deputy Central Regional Director of the NCCE, Ms. Mercy Essien, Assistant Headmaster (Administration) Rev. Edward Napoleon-Commey, and the School Counselor Miss Frieda Emma Araba Eshun.

The Regional Director; Mr. Robert Ewur addressing the students of Aggrey Memorial A.M.E Zion SHS

A section of the students

A section of the students at the engagement

Rev. Ebenezer Okoampah addressing the students

A student asking a question

A student receiving a copy of the 1992 Constitution from NCCE Central Regional Director; Mr. Robert Ewur during the engagement

The Central Regional Director of the NCCEpresenting copies of the 1992 Constitution to the Assistant Headmaster of Aggrey Memorial Zion SHS

Madam Mercy Essien, Mr. Robert Ewur, Rev. Edward Napoleon-Commey and Miss Frieda Emma Araba Eshun


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