NCCE's Western Regional Director Urges Ghanaians to Uphold Constitution and Reject Vote-Buying in Electoral Process

In a press briefing at Spice FM, the NCCE Western Regional Director, Mr. Ennin, emphasized the sacrosanct nature of the Constitution, urging Ghanaians to uphold and defend it unwaveringly.

The event, centered on vote-buying and politics, saw Mr. Ennin passionately advocate for citizen participation in the electoral process, emphasizing the crucial role of being law-abiding for the maintenance of peace and order.

The Commission's 2024 theme, "Together we can build Ghana, so get involved," was unveiled during the program, aiming to inspire public engagement and collaboration for national development.

Mr. Ennin, in his address, directed a stern message to politicians and delegates, advising them to refrain from engaging in the detrimental practice of vote buying and selling. He underscored the importance of maintaining integrity in the electoral process to ensure sanity and uphold the democratic values cherished by the nation.

As Ghanaians gear up for the upcoming elections, the call to build a united Ghana resonates, with a strong emphasis on responsible civic participation.


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