The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is thrilled to join the world in celebrating International Labor Day (May Day). May Day is a day commemorating the struggles and gains made by workers of which the labour movement observes on May 1 every year. The essence of the celebration is to acknowledge the contribution of workers to socio-economic development.

The NCCE wishes all Ghanaian workers particularly staff of the Commission a happy May Day celebration. The Commission appreciates workers for their continuous effort and contributions to nation building.

Article 36 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana states: “The State shall take all necessary action to ensure that the national economy is managed in such a manner as to maximize the rate of economic development and to secure the maximum welfare, freedom and happiness of every person in Ghana and to provide adequate means of livelihood and suitable employment and public assistance to the needy”.

In the recent past, workers have complained about poor working conditions and low remuneration. The Commission is of the view that as a country, we have not been able to create enough job opportunities especially for the youth, and unemployment remains a major problem in our country.

The NCCE urges the government, policymakers and related stakeholders to focus on policies that would help create job opportunities for all.

Article 41 (e) of the 1992 entreats citizens to work conscientiously in a lawfully chosen occupation. The NCCE admonishes workers to be mindful of this Constitutional provision and uphold positive work ethics by adhering to the laws and regulations at places of work.

As the NCCE commemorates 30 years of uninterrupted constitutional rule, the Commission reminds all Ghanaians of our collective responsibility to defend the 1992 Constitution from all forms of abuse. With concerted effort, let’s move our nation forward.

Ayekooto all Ghanaian workers!


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