NCCE urges students to develop interest in study of the 1992 Constitution

The South Dayi District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mr. Mathias Segbefia, has called on students to develop an interest in the study of the 1992 Constitution to broaden their horizons on governance and constitutionalism.

He said adequate knowledge of the Constitution by the people would help ensure that citizens knew more about their rights and responsibilities to fully participate in the governance processes of the state and contribute meaningfully towards its development.

Mr. Segbefia said these during an engagement with the students and Civic Education Club (CEC) members of Kpeve Senior High Technical School (SHTS) at Kpeve in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region.

The District Director stressed that understanding the Constitution would help the people to defend and protect it at all times.

He underscored the importance of the formation of CECs in educational institutions and noted that activities of the Club would motivate students to develop an interest in the Constitution from an early stage in life which would enable them to become very patriotic.

Mr. Segbefia said understanding the Constitution would also enable citizens to know the rules, demands, and ethics of democracy and would make meaningful contributions to nation-building.

Mr. Joseph Mawuena, the Assistant Headmaster of the School, encouraged the students to enroll as they could benefit and become good citizens.

Mr. Wisdom Amedi, Kpeve SHTS CEC Patron, said, “CEC is the mother of all Clubs due to its considerable capacity building of students on rights and responsibilities as citizens.”

The NCCE conceived the idea of the Formation of Civic Education Clubs (CECs) at a consultative meeting on Civic Education in Accra in March 1996.

CEC is a voluntary and non-partisan study group on the 1992 Constitution which imbued in its members a sense of Civic consciousness.

Source: GNA


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