The Central Regional Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has launched its Public Sensitization and Awareness Raising Campaign on the 2019 District Level Elections (DLEs) and Referendum ahead of the 17th December 2019 elections.

The Deputy Chairman for Finance and Administration of the NCCE, Ms. Kathleen Addy stated that the provisions of the 1992 Constitution reflected the prevailing conditions at the time and since the country is evolving, it is necessary to amend the constitution to suit contemporary era. She further indicated that the upcoming referendum is a move to improve and strengthen the decentralization and local government system in Ghana.

Ms. Addy explained that electing leaders ensures more accountability; hence the move to amend the constitution in that direction. The Deputy Chairperson stated that turn-out during local government elections are usually low because people are not adequately informed. She, therefore, urged all citizens to participate in the upcoming elections to ensure a high voter turnout.

Central Regional Minister, Hon. Kwamena Duncan said that Article 55(3) is entrenched and prohibits political parties from participating in District Level Elections and can only be amended by a referendum. The referendum seeks to introduce a multi-partisan system into local level elections and allow political parties to participate in decentralized local government. Mr. Duncan said that Article 243 (1) is the provision that gives the President power to appoint MMDCEs and that this is an enshrined provision that can be amended by Parliament to give power to citizens to elect their MMDCEs.

Vice-Chairman of Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC), Mr. Pius Dzinyela on behalf of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) commended the NCCE for their resilient efforts in this DLEs and Referendum education campaign. He pledged full support to the public sensitization and awareness-raising campaign and urged all citizens to get involved.

A representative from the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) Mr. Henry Walker indicated that all the political parties have unanimously agreed to ensure and promote peace and tolerance in the upcoming District Level Elections and Referendum. Mr. Walker further urged the Security Services present to ensure adequate deployment of security personnel at every voting center to enhance order and peace.

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