NCCE Municipal Director contributes to Empowering Girls in STEM during KOICA-Hosted PTA Meeting

The Korean International Corporation Agency (KOICA), a Korean initiative dedicated to supporting girls in STEM education, held a PTA meeting at Osiem SDA JHS School.

During the meeting, Beatrice N. Budu addressed the assembly, emphasizing the importance of providing equal opportunities for girls in society, particularly in STEM education. She highlighted the significance of initiatives like KOICA in promoting gender equality and empowering young girls to pursue their interests and potential in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The meeting served as a platform to foster dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders in advancing the education and prospects of the girl child.

Beatrice N. Budu, the NCCE Municipal Director, and Belinda Kudoto, an NSS Personnel, were present to contribute to the discussion.


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