NCCE holds Sensitization meeting against violent extremism and terrorism in north Gonja district

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the North Gonja district of the Savannah region has held a day’s sensitization program against violent extremism and terrorism to help the public gain much knowledge about the activities of suspected people involved in it.

According to the NCCE, this is to help sustain the peace we have in our country, Ghana.

The program was held on Saturday, 15th July 2023, at Daboya.

The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to gain one's selfish agenda is unacceptable.

In recent times, happenings around Ghana’s West African neighbors are not healthy as governments are being overthrown through coup d’etat.

The NCCE believes we don’t want it in our country and therefore saw it as a duty to Sensitize the people of Daboya and its enclaves to be alert on the acts and signs of violence extremism and terrorism.

The NCCE Director of North Gonja District, Mr. Mathew Duut Shaibu, in his opening remarks appealed to the audience to participate fully and pay attention to the resource persons so that they will learn much about terrorists and their way of doing things. He said the EU is supporting the programme to prevent violent extremism in our country.

He advised participants to Sensitize others at home to make sure more people get to know the acts of violent extremists.

North Gonja Church of Pentecost District pastor, Rev. Joseph Lukman Abukari said the people of Daboya should do everything possible to protect the peace they are enjoying because if you have peace you think about going to school, farm, whatever you want to do the next morning your think about it.

If there is peace you stay with your family, friends, and strangers but if there is no peace you can only stay with your family because friends would no longer stay with you and strangers would also move back to their homes, so peace is essential to the community.

The District Police Command representative, General/Constable Kumayi Ernest Njogrine told participants to advise themselves, parents, children, and neighbours not to join any violent extremists and terrorist groups because violence in communities doesn’t help development in the society, citing Bawku as an example.

He added that ethnic groups should see themselves as one family to fight against violence extremism and terrorism in various communities.

He implored the public to call the police or the security emergency line whenever they see terrorist groups. Additionally, if anyone is to call the police the person should make sure he or she is in a safer place and also give accurate directions for the security to get there in time.

Source: padfm


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