The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), as part of its Civic Education Club (CEC) activities, has facilitated Constitution Games at seven Junior High Schools (JHS) in the Garu District of the Upper East Region. The games seek to educate Ghanaians, particularly the youth about the 1992 Constitution in an entertaining way. It is hoped that the children will in turn help educate their parents and others who have not had the benefit of education.

The Principal Civic Education Officer (PCEO) in charge of the Garu District office, Mr. Samuel Atando Akolgo facilitated the games explaining that players are to build a constitutional pyramid, and in doing so, enhance civic knowledge and promote good citizenship among themselves. He said the role of each player is to build a constitutional pyramid based on their knowledge of Ghana’s Constitution without violating the good citizenship virtues.

Before starting the game, Mr. Akolgo sensitised students and teachers at Garu Catholic JHS, Kpatia JHS, CB BOT JHS, Garu Presby JHS, Duuri JHS, Dusbuliga JHS, and Meliga JHS on the negative effects of violent extremism and terrorism including loss of lives, properties, displacement of families and under development. He stated that in order to help Ghana develop, they must be patriotic, tolerant, and pursue national integration.

The officer-in-charge called on the youth to be agents of positive change in their communities and to be cautious so as to not become radicalized, nor support violent extremism or other forms of violent activities. He entreated participants to respond promptly to violent threats by reporting to the Ghana Police Service and other lawful agencies.

Mr. Akolgo also emphasised protecting and safeguarding the environment and adhering to the COVID-19 safety protocols. He admonished students to wash their hands with soap under running water, use alcohol-based hand sanitise regularly, wear facemask at all times in public spaces and practice social distancing. The PCEO reminded all present that wearing a face mask is mandatory and it is an offence to be out in public spaces without one. He also urged all present to boost their immune system by eating a well-balanced diet.

Mr. Akolgo stated that CECs fall within the NCCE’s philosophy of “catch them young” to instill in the youth the democratic and constitutional culture of Ghana. He noted that the NCCE adopted this strategy to ensure that pupils and students at all levels of Ghana's educational institutions realised their role in the consolidation of Ghana's democratic system.

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