NCCE Engages Mpraeso Ghana Co-Operative Association of Tailors and Beauticians (MGCA)

The staff of Kwahu South Municipal Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Eastern Region visited the Mpraeso Ghana Co-operative Association of Tailors and Beauticians (MGCA), for education on the importance of participating actively in the upcoming District Level Elections (DLEs) as well as education on child protection issues.

Resource persons for the programme were Mr. Benjamin Baah (Civic Education Officer), Mr. Emmanuel Ofori (Assistant Civic Education Officer), and Mr. Bismark Addo (National Service Personnel).

The members were urged to actively engage in this District Level Elections (DLEs), whether as a contender or as an electorate as these elected assemblymen and women are our voices in the higher levels of governance. They voice out their opinions and needs to the government to be addressed. Women and PWDs were also urged to partake in standing for elections as they can also represent the Municipal.

They should not be subjected to strenuous work as it affects their health conditions, and they must be enrolled in school. Also, a keen eye must be kept on them as many bad people aim to kidnap little children while they play unattended. Furthermore, parents who work deep into the night should desist from keeping these minors awake till they leave work as children find it difficult to stay awake and concentrate in class during the day.


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