​NCCE educates school children on citizenship

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has educated a total of 62,453 school pupils across the Western Region on their roles as agents of change during the annual celebration of this year’s Citizenship Week.

These were made up of 28,264 male pupils and 33, 189 female pupils.

The citizenship project is a national flagship programme of the Commission, carried out under the theme: Thirty (30) Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy and Building National Cohesion: The Role of the Ghanaian Child.

Mr Justice Ennin, the Western Regional Director for the Commission said the project was to reignite a sense of responsibility among basic school pupils as good citizens while helping them imbibe the basic tenets of the 1992 Constitution through the impartation of knowledge on their duties for the sustenance of Ghana’s democracy.

The pupils from the selected basic schools were sensitized on the need to show a true sense of nationalism and patriotism in all endeavours.

The Director said: “They were informed that as good citizens of Ghana, they ought to show love and respect for our country, Ghana, defend and promote the prestige that comes with being a Ghanaian citizen.”

The children were entreated to tolerate the views of others, and show selflessness or total commitment in everything that they did to exhibit the Ghanaian values of hard work, humility, honesty, and most paramount of all, respect for all manner of people irrespective of their ethnic, social or religious backgrounds.

Tolerating the views of others also helped them live in harmony with one another; helping them see one another as one people.

The Commission conscientised them that living in harmony with one another, coupled with integrity, in all spheres of their lives, accentuated the kind of change that would help Ghana develop as a democratic state.

The pupils were later made aware of the rising threats of conflicts within some parts of the country.

Meanwhile, three Senior High Schools (S.H.S) in the Prestea Huni Valley Municipality; St Augustine’s S.H.S, Huni Valley S.H.S, and Prestea Senior High Technical School had a debate competition to commemorate the celebration.

The topic for the debate was the theme “The Galamsey Menace, a Threat to the Standard of Education in the Municipality.”

Source: GNA


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