The Keta Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr. Godwin Agbenyo has urged Ghanaians to abhor corrupt practices by refraining from celebrating those whose sources of wealth are unknown. He said if society desists from worshipping people who suddenly acquired wealth from unknown sources that would discourage people from illegally acquiring wealth through corrupt practices. He said the fear that they would be subjected to critical scrutiny to disclose the source of their wealth would help minimise the practice. Mr. Agbenyo said these during their weekly NCCE programme on Jubilee Radio, a local FM station at Keta in the Volta Region.

According to him, the inordinate desire for wealth and the society’s inability to question sources of such financial and material gains had encouraged some people to engage in illegal activities to satisfy society. He appealed to Ghanaians to question such sudden wealth by people they know whose income does not commensurate with their lifestyles. He advised Ghanaians to uphold moral values like volunteerism, faithfulness, and patriotism in their entire endeavor.

Mr. Agbenyo further advocated for stiffer punishment for corruption so as to make it an unattractive venture for all.

The Keta Municipal Director of CHRAJ, Mr. P.S.K. Mensah called on duty bearers to be circumspect of their duties and to discharge them to the very best of their abilities to help bring about changes in the lives of people whom they served.

He pointed out that corruption was a pandemic that had eaten deep into the society. “For that matter, family heads, church leaders, chiefs, opinion leaders, and civil society organisations must join hands together to fight this canker” he added.

He called on citizens to report any act of corruption to statuary bodies established by the 1992 constitution like Ghana Police Service, CHRAJ and others mandated to handle issues of corruption.

In a related development, the Volta Regional Director of National Commission for Civic Education, Mr. Kenneth Kpornor has called for a concerted effort by all in fighting corruption in the country. He said corruption had permeated every fabric of the society and there was the urgent need for all Ghanaians to join the fight in reducing the canker, adding that the corrosive effects of corruption cannot be overemphasised.

Speaking at separate fora organised by Global FM, V1 TV, and SSNIT flat congregation of the Global Evangelical Church in Ho, he admonished all Ghanaians to help reduce corruption to the barest minimum by reporting acts likely to corrupt the society to institutions established by the state for redress. “We can only fight corruption if we commit ourselves to expose such crimes to lawful authorities”, he added. Mr. Kpornor reminded the people that corruption was a misdemeanor and therefore punishable by law and perpetrators must understand it is a high-risk activity. The NCCE Volta Regional Director reiterated the need for the Ghanaian society to be conscious of their duties to the state and refrained from engaging in corrupt activities.

Mr. P.S.K. Mensah, Keta District Director of CHRAJ (Left), Simon Mawuko (Middle) and Mr. Godwin Agbenyo, Keta District Director, NCCE

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