The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is launching the fourth phase (Phase IV) of its awareness-raising and sensitisation campaign on the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), to tackle the growing challenges of stigmatisation and encourage the citizenry to adopt healthy lifestyles.

The campaign, to be undertaken throughout the month of September 2020, will again deepen public awareness on the prevention and management of the coronavirus (COVID-19) including Government measures and directives in response to the pandemic.

Efforts will be made to intensify education on:

  • The existence of the coronavirus
  • Symptoms and mode of transmission of the coronavirus
  • Management of COVID-19 through good personal hygiene
  • Myth-busting
  • Good nutrition
  • De-stigmatisation
  • Compliance to health/safety protocols
  • Directives of the Government and adherence to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) approved protocols on face mask productions
  • The  proper wearing of the face mask  
  • Penalties accompanying coronavirus related offences

To this extent, staff will organise dawn and dusk broadcasts, radio/TV engagements, announcements, and engagements of identifiable groups. Social media communication would also be intensified.

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