NCCE Celebrates Ghana’s Enviable Milestone with Citizens of Akwatia

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Denkyembour District engaged congregants of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Akwatia during the 2023 Constitution Week celebration activities on the need to embrace democracy and live in peace with one another. These are hinged on three (3) of our thematic areas; Education on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Promoting Political and Religious Tolerance and Education on Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms.

The theme for the celebration is “30 Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy, Building National Cohesion through Civic Education and Participation in Local Governance”.

Mr. David Yankson (Assistant Civic Education Officer) stressed the fact that development thrives when there is peace and social cohesion. He emphasized Ghana’s enviable milestone in attaining uninterrupted constitutional democracy and advised citizens to continue to uphold the spirit of unity, social cohesion, and tolerance.

The congregation was also educated on the need to participate in the upcoming District Level Elections, which form part of the local governance structure at the grassroots. Some of the roles of Assembly Members and Unit Committee Members were outlined to the congregation to assist citizens hold them accountable.

He mentioned that Assembly Members are responsible for facilitating developmental projects, collating the concerns of community members, and getting their feedback on issues affecting them. They serve as representatives to other Assemblies as well. Also, Unit Committee Members work with the Chiefs and Assembly Members to organise activities such as communal labour. They also facilitate the records of birth and death in the communities and collaborate with organisations such as the NCCE to promote civic awareness.

Finally, the congregants expressed their profound gratitude to the Commission and were open to discussing future programmes such as these.

Mr David Yanskon (Assistant Civic Education Officer) urging the congregants to participate in District Level Elections and outlining the roles of Assembly and Unit Committee Members to congregants

Mr David Yanskon (Assistant Civic Education Officer) reiterating the need for peace and social cohesion


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