NCCE Abuakwa North Office Educates Special Needs Students on Chastity

The NCCE Abuakwa North office, Eastern Region, has visited the OPASS MA Special Needs Unit in response to an invitation to educate the students on chastity. Present at the event were Beatrice N. Budu, the Municipal Director, Merlyn Aso Obempong SCEO, and Belinda Kudoto, an NSS Personnel.

During the visit, Charity Yaa Otu, the headmistress of the Unit, provided an overview of the Establishment, including the number of students, teachers, and the different specialities among the students, such as Down Syndrome, Physical Disabilities, and other conditions.

Beatrice N. Budu took the opportunity to speak to the students about the importance of maintaining chastity, emphasizing how it contributes to their personal growth. She encouraged them to speak up and report any instances of inappropriate touching.

There was also a delightful music and dance activity session, where several students showcased their impressive dancing skills, creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement. As a token of appreciation, souvenirs were awarded to the students who actively participated in all the activities, further enhancing the sense of camaraderie and achievement.


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