NCCE ABUAKWA has intensified its public and civic education

The Abuakwa South Municipal Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has intensified its public and civic education on the upcoming District Level Elections (DLEs) and Child Labour.

An Assistant Civic Education Officer (ACEO) at the Abuakwa South Municipal Office of the NCCE, Ms. Priscilla Chiri, called on citizens to get involved and participate in the upcoming DLEs. She made this call during her engagement with Members of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) and artisans at Kibi in the Eastern Region.

Ms. Chiri highlighted the functions of Assembly and Unit Committee Members and said that they supervise the overall development of districts in Ghana.

On the other hand, ACEO, Juliet Oforiwaa Darko, spoke about issues of child labour and its’ negative impacts on the socio-economics development of the nation. She also said that the act retards the health, growth, and personal development of the child.

Ms. Darko mentioned that child labour is an offense punishable by the law of this country and urged all to refrain from such acts and allow children to perform minimal household chores taking into consideration their age, weight, and health.

Juliet Oforiwaa Darko (ACEO) engaging some artisans on the upcoming Assembly and Unit Committee Elections

Priscilla Chiri (ACEO) engaging some dressmakers on issues of child labor

Juliet Twum (SFO) educating some members of the GPRTU on the upcoming DLEs

Priscilla Chiri (ACEO) engaging some artisans on issues of child labor


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