The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is proud to observe this year’s celebration of the United Nations Day which is under the theme: ‘Building Back Together for Peace and Prosperity.

The Day is celebrated annually on the 24th of October to recognise the work, role and achievements of the UN and its specialised agencies. The UN Day also reminds people of the world as well as policymakers and change leaders about the importance of peace, unity, equality, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Although the UN has made great strides in fostering and managing peace in the world, the incidence of infighting, conflicts and violence has the potential to stifle and whittle away peacebuilding efforts in the world.

In line with Ghana’s strive to build peaceful coexistence and national cohesion, cohesion the NCCE has through its activities over the years consistently educated the populace on their civic rights and responsibilities. The Commission on this Day reiterates the need for citizens to foster national unity and live-in harmony with others as enshrined in Article 41 clause (c) of chapter 6 of the 1992 Constitution.

The finding by the NCCE in a recent study on the Risk/Threat Analysis of Violent Extremism in 10 Border Regions of Ghana indicates that our country is not immune to threats of violent extremism. Further, the research report showed that the growing insecurity in the West African sub-region has diverse implications on the country’s stability.

Similarly, the NCCE’s 2020 study on ‘Matters of Concern to the Ghanaian Voter’ found vigilantism, violent extremism and election-related violence as topmost security threats to the peace of Ghana. The proliferation of small arms and weapons as well as a large number of unemployed youth, among other indicators, were also observed to pose a challenge to our stability.

Also, a research conducted by Star Ghana Foundation in April 2021 titled ‘Roadmap for Sustainable Peace, Security, and Development in Northern Ghana’, alludes that high levels of youth unemployment are one of the drivers of conflict in Northern Ghana, and violent extremist activities in neighbouring countries that threaten the security of our country.

To sustain the stability of the country, the NCCE in collaboration with the Ministry of National Security and the European Union is engaging stakeholders especially the youth to act with one accord to ensure that our democracy is strengthened in all forms.

As a nation, we must double our efforts to formulate and implement sustainable policies to address the growing youth unemployment rate throughout the country to prevent any terrorist or violent extremist attack in Ghana.

The Commission cautions citizens to avoid pursuing avenues that undermine our stability and disruption of peace within the country. Individuals and entities must report those who seek to disturb our national peace and social cohesion to the security and lawful agencies.

The Commission reminds Ghanaians that as the theme of the Day suggests, building back together for peace and prosperity requires the collective efforts of all to grow our democracy to yield our aspirations as laid down in our Constitution's preamble.

NCCE wishes all United Nations members an exciting UN Day!

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