"Democracy is a journey, not an event" - NCCE Boss

Chairman of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Kathleen Addy says debating the weakness of Ghana's constitution does not mean its democracy is fundamentally flawed and should be jettisoned.

According to the NCCE Boss, democracy is a journey and not an event.

Addressing Journalists at the commemoration of Constitution Day in Accra on Saturday, Madam Addy said "NCCE and many other organisations have undertaken a number of activities designed to discuss these weaknesses and suggests areas for reform"

"It is however important to note that debating the weaknesses of our constitution does not mean that our democracy is fundamentally flawed and should be jettisoned"

She added that a continuous commitment to democratic ideals is required for its successful implementation.

The NCCE Boss also mentioned that democracy is the most difficult form of government to sustain however a democracy where citizens actively participate in its governance provides the best chance to build a just society.

Madam Addy said "In the coming weeks, we will unveil all the activities we will be undertaking, including collaborations with other Institutions"

"Ladies and gentlemen, the last 30 years represent an unprecedented period of political stability in Ghana. None of our previous efforts at multi-party democracy lasted anywhere near three decades"

"The 1969 and 1979 Constitutions lasted approximately two and a half years, whereas Multi-party democracy was removed from the 1960 Constitution after only four years."

She noted that there has been improvement in Ghana's economic performance in the last thirty years of Multi-party democracy, as compared to 30 years prior to 1993.

"According to World Bank data, our GDP has grown from approximately $6Billion to almost $77Billion during this period"

Source: thinknewsonline , Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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