Damongo NCCE sensitizes public on Constitution Day and appeal for high level participation in local elections.

The National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE has commemorated this year’s Constitution Day with a live radio discussion/sensitization on a Damongo-based community radio station (PAD FM 95.1MHZ) to help the public with more information about the need to uphold the tenets of the constitution of Ghana and the rule of law and also called on the citizens to show high-level interest in District Level Elections.

Director Zito in facemask with Lamin Mahama

The Savannah Regional Director of NCCE, Mr. Issaka Zito explained that the significance of the Constitution Day Celebration seeks to remind Ghanaian citizens of their commitment to the tenets of the rule of law, Constitutionalism, and democratic governance.

He added that the 1992 Republican Constitution gives Ghanaians the rights and freedoms and expects citizens to perform their duties and responsibilities without fear or favor.

Issaka Zito stated that the Constitution came into force on January 7, 1993, and it was meant for the nation to celebrate the day and create awareness about the Constitution which seeks to make them live in dignity as a people.

Mr. Zito also took the public through the democratic stages the nation went through from 1960 to the current fourth (4th) republic, stating that
1960-1966, 1969-1972, 1979-1981, and, 1993 till now represent the first, second, third, and fourth republican states respectively in Ghana, with some intermittent military rule.

The fourth republic saw presidents like JJ Rawlings, John A Kuffour, John Mills (RIP), John Mahama, and Nana Akuffo-Addo.

Again, the NCCE director indicated that the year 2023 will witness District Level Elections in Ghana. He made an appeal to citizens to participate in decision-making at all levels and promote peace and development. Assembly members and Unit Committee members play an important role in the development of our communities across Ghana.

The 1992 Constitution has given citizens the rights and responsibilities to participate in all National and Local Elections to select leaders to manage Ghana’s resources and also engender development.

Also, he asked residents of the Savannah region to be vigilant and report any suspected individuals or groups of people whose activities are not known in their respective communities to the security agencies or nearby stakeholders. This would help prevent violent extremists activities in the region and Ghana at large.

7th January, 2023 is exactly 30 years of consolidating constitutional democracy in Ghana. The nation is observing the Constitution Day to commemorate this outstanding achievement and remind ourselves of the need to sustain the gains made so far in protecting and promoting the tenets of rule of law.

Source: padfm


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