The University for Development Studies (UDS) Civic Education Club (CEC) Navrongo campus has organised a debate among the Faculty of Applied Science (FAS), Faculty of Earth and Environmental Science (FEES), and Faculty of Mathematical Science (FMS). The motion for the debate was “Vigilante Groups are a Necessary Evil”. All the three faculties spoke on both sides of the motion.

In his opening remarks, the Upper East Deputy Regional Director, Mr. Victor Nuworkpor explained to the audience that the concept of Civic Education Clubs (CECs) falls within the philosophy of “catching them young” and infusing in them the democratic and constitutional culture. He said Civic Education Clubs in schools focus on broadening and deepening the knowledge of students on civics and democracy.

Through the CECs, the NCCE ensures that pupils and students at all levels of Ghana’s educational institutions are taught to realize their roles as future leaders and their role in the consolidation of Ghana’s democratic system. The Clubs in schools engage in regular quizzes, singing, debates, essays, and other contests. Excursions are undertaken to places of interest to broaden their national outlook.

At the end of the debate, the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Science (FEES) emerged the winner with thirty-seven point five (37.5) points followed by the Faculty of Mathematical Science (FMS) with thirty-seven point two (37.2) points.

The contestants explained spoke about the threats political vigilante groups pose to Ghana’s democracy debating on how these groups can be disbanded.

Both sides debated that political party vigilante groups, particularly those belonging to ruling parties have

over the years, taken the laws of the country into their hands, citing instances where some of these groups forcibly eject officials of immediate past political administrators from their offices, physically assaulting such officials. Some go to the extent of seizing public property and assets in the custody of their political opponents.

The debaters called for a consensus approach that will clip the wings of political party vigilante groups adding that citizens must stand up and fight against the establishment of political vigilante groups.

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