Celebrating International Women’s Day

Day 1: Honouring the impact and achievements of the Five First Ladies of Ghana’s Fourth Republic

The position of “First Lady” has been one of the colourful aspects and a great influence of Governments across the world. Ghana has so far had five (5) wonderful First Ladies in its Fourth Republican dispensation, who have contributed significantly to the works of their husbands during their respective tenures. Although being a first lady is not an official position in governments, these women have used their roles to complement humanitarian efforts, promoted gender equality, advocated for the socially marginalized and changed policies mostly in favour of the People.

The National Commission for Civic Education today celebrates and highlights the achievements and impact of these marvelous women who have occupied the seat and played the roles of first ladies. Despite their different personalities, political affiliations


and style, these women have contributed significantly towards the development of our dear nation. They have truly left footprints in the annals of Ghana and are true definitions of womanhood.

The NCCE says Ayekoo!



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