Bodi NCCE advises students to be confident and disciplined

r. Emmanuel Awotwe, Bodi District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the

Western North Region has called on the youth, especially students, to be disciplined and law-abiding in all their endeavours.

He also advised them to desist from engaging in social vices that were inimical to their development and academic work.

“The social media of late is taking much of the time of students thereby leading them to academic failure and other bad practices,” the Director pointed out.

Mr. Awotwe said this during a forum organized by the Commission to mark the annual Citizen Week Celebration under the theme: “30 Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy and Building National Cohesion; The Role of the Ghanaian Child. “

Students from the basic and secondary levels were also educated on the 1992 constitution and democratic governance in the country.

For his part, Mr Dramani Sam, the Western North Regional Director, NCCE urged the students to be responsible, respect the rights of all

persons, be patriotic and refrain from acts that were detrimental to the welfare of other people.

Mr. Fredrick T. Mensah Adumah, Bodi Public Relations Officer for the Ghana Education Service, admonished the students to be committed and self-disciplined.

He urged them to make judicious of their time, instead of hanging out at night and attending wake-keepings and funerals, which he noted has become the norm for most children in the district.

Mr. Mensah also entreated them to make education their priority.

Source: GNA


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