The Commission Secretary of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mrs. Lucille Hewlettt Annan has been in the North East Region to obtain first-hand information on the Commission's operations and monitor the ongoing EU-sponsored programme “Preventing and Containing Violence Extremism (PCVE)”.

She visited the East Mamprusi Municipal, Gambaga where she interacted with the Regional Director, Mr Wilberforce Zangina, and the staff. She later engaged the Hairdressers and Beauticians Association at Nalerigu. the regional capital of the North East. She educated them on Violent Extremism and the need to watch out for suspicious characters in their communities and report such characters to nearby security agencies.

Mrs Annan’s visit to the region also took her to the Langbinsi Senior High School where she lectured the students on extremist activities and warned them not to indulge in any form of violence but to concentrate on their academics.

Furthermore, Mrs Annan interacted with some citizens in remote districts like Bunkpurugu-Nakpanduri and Yunyoo-Nasuan as well as Bunkpurugu where she made an appearance on the Lom Community radio to educate the citizenry on Violent Extremism.

In the West Mamprusi Municipal, Walewale, she interacted with the Walewale and Mamprugu Moagduri District Directors and staff.

The Regional office staff at Gambaga, with the Commission Secretary

Bunkpurugu and Yunyoo-Nasuan office staff at the Bunkpurugu office

A Community Engagement Session at Lom Community Radio, Bunkpurugu

Mrs. Annan Reviewing the Bunkpurugu and Yunyoo District Offices' PCVE Monthly Monitoring Report

The Commission Secretary engaging the Langbinsi SHS in the North East Region

Mrs. Lucille Annan in Nalerigu educating the Hairdressers and Beauticians Association

Mrs. Annan and some staff of the Nalerigu office with some Hairdressers and Beauticians


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