Spend at least two hours with your books every day – NCCE urges Pupils

This year’s celebration theme is “30 Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy, Building National Cohesion: The Role of the Youth”.

In addressing the pupils of Saint Francis R. C. Basic School, Ho Police Depot, Rev. Vincent Adzika, the Ho Municipal Director of NCCE, urge the pupils to spend more time with their books because it is their first and foremost responsibility as long as they remain students and Ghana’s future leaders.

He added that for Ghana to succeed in its quest to restore a deteriorating value system, the leading cause of bribery and corruption, which has become a major national canker. He said pupils must make an effort to live right in all their endeavours to become useful citizens.

Ms. Cecilia Abla Aglobitse, the Headteacher of the school, encourages pupils to eschew unacceptable social behaviours such as thievery, smoking, bullying, etc. She added that practicing social vices has never made anybody an important citizen.

Citizenship Week Celebration is one of the NCCE flagship projects introduced in 2012. It aims to remind pupils of their responsibilities as agents of change and future leaders who can help build a peaceful, strong, united democratic Ghana.

Source: awakenewsroom


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