The Chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Ms. Kathleen Addy has joined the USAID to launch its Political Accountability Activity (POLA) in Ghana. Delivering a solidary message, Ms. Addy expressed delight about the project and its partnership with key stakeholders to implement it.

Ms. Addy said in the face of the issues that threaten Ghana’s democracy, the NCCE recognizes the weight of its responsibility and is committed to ensuring that as a country we stay on the democratic path. She mentioned that, “in spite of the difficulties of today, we know that democracy is a form of government that offers all of us the best chance to build our nation. This can only be achieved if we as citizens of Ghana, recognize our role and our contribution to making the democratic dream come alive. Every citizen has a role to play in a democracy”.

Ms. Addy implored citizens to hold duty bearers accountable adding that in order to do that, citizens must be active in supporting nation-building efforts. She stressed, that, it is only active citizenship that will help Ghana’s democracy to grow.

The Mission Director of USAID/Ghana, Ms. Kimberly Rosen explained the concept of the Political Accountability Activity (POLA) saying it sought to strengthen Ghana’s democracy and its electoral process whilst ensuring that every citizen of Ghana, especially the marginalized group is actively engaged. She mentioned the project will help foster accountable governance in Ghana and support the Ghanaian government to sustain and strengthen its democratic system.

Ms. Rosen praised democracy-enhancing institutions like the NCCE, the political actors, the Centre for Democracy Development (CDD), the Electoral Commission, the Media, and the National Peace Council for promoting democratic values in Ghana.

Also present at the launch were the Vice President of the International Republican Institute (IRI), Mr. Schott Mastic, the Resident Program Director, IRI Ghana, Mr. Sunday Alao, the Senior Election Specialist, IFES Ghana, Mr. Gilbert Sam, the Director, Training Electoral Commission, Mr. Michael Boadu, The Executive Secretary, National Peace Council, Mr. George Amoh, Research Manager, CDD, Mr. Daniel Armah-Attoh representatives from political parties, National Media Commission.


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