The NCCE is proud to associate with the celebration of International Day of the Girl Child, under the theme: “Digital Generation. Our Generation.”

Girls are fundamental sources of transformational change for gender equality and technology. It is crucial to continue supporting initiatives to empower the work of activism that promotes girls’ safety, protection against harm and ensure their overall growth. Digital inclusion and literacy opens new avenues for learning, earning and empowerment for girls, which go a long way to enhance connectivity and online safety for girls facing economic and social barriers to internet and device access.

With the current national expansion on digitisation across all sectors, the NCCE adds its voice to calls for equal and equitable access to the internet and digital devices for girls. In line with this, the Commission commends the Ministry of Communications for its ‘Girls in ICT’ initiative to introduce young ladies to basic ICT skills and close the gender gap in the ICT ecosystem.

The UN states that the impact of COVID-19 has further widened the inequality gap. In order to make positive inroads and bridge the digital divide, the Commission appeals for targeted investments in girls to facilitate the creation of opportunities to safely and meaningfully access use of digital technology to increase the impact girls make in their communities. This would respond to our aspiration in the 1992 Constitution to secure among others the equality of opportunity for girls.

The Commission calls on leaders in all sectors to make real and concrete commitments to build more inclusive digital societies through the provision of equitable opportunities for girls.

The NCCE believes in nurturing girls for the next generation and is committed to empower the girl child. The Commission continues to leverage on its digital civic education space to enhance citizens’ powered democracy and the active participation of young girls with the requisite civic disposition to be transformational leaders.

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