NCCE Scales Up Civic Education Club Engagement On Personal Hygiene And Adolescent Health

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Saltpond in collaboration with the Mfantseman Municipal Health Directorate has successfully engaged Civic Education Club members of the Mfantseman M/A Basic School on personal hygiene particularly emphasizing on Adolescent Health.

Civic Education Club is one of the strategies of the Commission to among other objectives to empower pupils/students in both Basic and Senior High Schools to appreciate their Rights and Responsibilities as active citizens and the need to protect and defend the Constitution at all times.

Speaking at the engagement, a Senior Health Promotion Officer, Mrs. Justina Abban of the Saltpond Health Directorate stressed on the various changes that occur from childhood to the puberty stage.

She mentioned that the standard adolescence start from ten (10) years where boys and girls experience different changes in the body which included development of pubic hair, broadened chest, enlargement of testes and penis, development of breast, menstruation, and development of hips respectively.

She explained that during these stages young boys and girls are expected to take particular attention to their bodies and ensure that they take personal hygiene serious.

Mrs. Abban added, micro-organisms feed on sweat and produces odour during daily activities, hence it’s important for every young person to bath twice every day.

She further encouraged members to use lime and ash or deodorant to ensure that their bodies do not develop odour.

She said other ways of maintaining a healthy body include brushing the teeth twice daily, cutting fingernails regularly, covering the nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing among others.

Civic Education Club members were entreated to engage in healthy activities such as sports and other outdoor games and live exemplary lives.

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