The Election Community of Practice and Learning (ECPL), organised a national forum to demand the government to furnish the public with the status of the implementation of the recommendations made by the Constitution Review Commission (CRC).

The Chairman of the National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE, Ms. Josephine Nkrumah, pledged the Commission’s support to the Recommendations of Constitutional Review Implementation Commission (CRIC) since the 1992 Constitution remains the fundamental tool of the NCCE’s engagement. “The NCCE, a creature of this constitution under the entrenched Article 231 is mandated amongst others to educate the citizenry on the principles and objectives of the Constitution, educate the citizenry to defend the Constitution against all forms of abuse and violation whilst inculcating civic-mindedness in the citizenry”, she stated.

Ms. Nkrumah added that the Commission followed closely the work of CRC and CRIC and anticipated the reengineering of certain aspects of the NCCE education premises on constitutional reform. She commended the ECPL and the Star GHANA Foundation for keeping the flame burning and ensuring that the chapter of constitutional reform in the history of the 4th Republic is not prematurely closed until the comprehensive implementation of the CRC’s recommendations is affected.

The Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Dame assured Ghanaians that the government is working around the clock to implement the recommendations of the constitutional review commission.“ There was a committee that was set up and chaired by my humble self and the committee came up with a report dated 15th October 2018 and submitted its report to the Attorney General. And some of the recommendations of the report are already being implemented, most of them being amendments of entrenched commissions. The rest will follow soon”, he stressed.

Speaking at the same forum, the Dean of the School of Information and Communication Studies, Professor Audrey Gadzakpo, called for a holistic implementation of the recommendations. “It is important that we adopt a holistic approach to the constitutional review process. We need therefore to put the implementation of the amendments firmly into our priority agenda. We need to re-energize citizens to deepen and consolidate democratic governance. The current situation which we think partly is from outstanding issues in the constitution that we are yet to address is breeding apathy, disengagement of citizens and importantly undermining accountability while encouraging impunity and promoting corruption”.

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